Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Travelling to ULM with KDAQ and congrats to James Boldin

Friday noon found me travelling to Monroe again sharing my driving time with  KDAQ Public Radio, Shreveport. This past Friday's broadcast was from a fundraiser for River City Repertory Theatre. 

My favourite piece was "No More" from Broadway's The Good-bye Girl sung by a friend of my husband's from his dancing days with Ballet Lyrique, more recently re-named the Shreveport Metropolitan Ballet, then directed by his sister Marion Rogers Mills. Dina Bennett was one of his dance partners during these years when he was a danseur for the company. Dancing was an avocation for him and he had been dancing since he was a tot. He played the Nutcracker Prince in several of the Company's productions. In fact in his real vocation he owned H. D. Rogers & Sons, foreign automotive service (where our own sons also worked for several years) and he still is the best anywhere around at what he does which is repair classic and antique automobiles including our twin grandsons' Mustangs.

Thank you again, Kermit, for a delightful 1 1/2 hour drive. Not sure if it was just my car speakers, but I would liked to have heard more of the strings.

Horn player James Boldin and I spent this work session studying more excerpts and listening to some of the best horn players in the world on CD and DVD. I love the Siegfried Horn Call and the drama it evokes from the audience as he tries to awaken the dragon which is supposed to introduce him to fear, a feeling he has never known. In addition, the 3rd horn part from Brahms' Academic Overture is a really nasty one, but James can belt it out with gusto. The Tchai 5 1st horn solo in the slow movement is one I can relate to and enjoy playing - I played that same solo as an 8th grader at the Solo and Ensemble Band Festival in Natchitoches decades ago albeit in a different key. 
Hornist James Boldin

My sister and I just prior to leaving for the solo and ensemble festival
Lakeshore Jr. High Band uniforms
An old Conn 6-D horn.

Congratulations are in order for James Boldin, the new Fourth Horn for the SSO

Next week, more horn studies

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