Tuesday, May 26, 2009

End of the season '08-'09

The SS(O) presented three concerts in April and May of this year, none of which required the services of the its symphony orchestra musicians.

The SS(O) presents
Magical Mystery Tour (the Beatles) May 21, 2009

Where's the Orchestra?

The SS(O) presents April 23, 2009
Five by Design

But NO orchestra members are on stage

walking the walk

The SS(O) presents April 16, 2009

But NO Orchestra members are on stage

still walking the walk

Being interviewed. So why aren't we on stage?

It is almost the end of the season for us here in Shreveport, LA., May 26.2009. Many of us will be heading out of state or out of the country for summer music festivals while others will be playing locally in summer opera, summer musicals, summer music festivals, wind ensembles and other special events which always seem to crop up during the summer.

It seems an appropriate time to focus on some of the activities which have kept us busy this past season even though not one note was played for the Shreveport Symphony. The Symphony eventually presented three programs, 2 in April and 1 in May, none of which required our services.
I am new to blogging so if you will bear with me, please, while I learn the necessary language, I hope to create an information center we can all enjoy, musicians and supporters of the musicians and the arts.

Best to all of you this summer, and stay in touch