SSO photos circa 1955

The photo above SSO photo Taken at Byrd H.S circa 1955 by Jack Barham ( I remember his photography from my early years in Shreveport) is provided by Dr. J. Robert Smith, who taught band at then Lakeshore Jr. High in West Shreveport, then at Byrd H.S. and then at NSU in Natchitoches. My sisters remember him well as they played Horn in the Lakeshore Band as I had before them. Robert followed Miss Eleanor Humble (later to be Mrs. Poole) who was my band director at Lakeshore for three years. I will list some of the musicians in the photo whom many of us remember, shortly. I am told you are in the photo, Joe.

Next photo is a snapshot taken of a rehearsal in the old Music Building at Centenary College (which I also rehearsed in prior to the construction of Hurley Music Building. For those who aren't old enough or were not here at the time, the old wooden music building had a lower floor with small practice rooms and an orchestra/band rehearsal space upstairs. It occupied what is now the green space between the Kilpatrick Religious Studies Building and the large parking lot next to it.

SSO Ttrumpets William (Bill) Scarlato and J. Robert Smith