Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Spent the evening not playing Summer Band Tuesday June 14, 2011

For the first time in many years, I spent an evening at home on a June Tuesday evening instead of sitting on the sweltering Centenary College amphi-theater stage playing band music. WOW! What was the temperature on the stage tonight? At my home it was still in the upper 90's at 8:00 PM and I had all my outdoor sprinklers on watering the yard. Perhaps this was a blessing in disguise for me. Heat stroke could have been lurking just around the corner!

Even our 2 cats do NOT want to go outside these days and they usually love it out in the garden with the birds, a squirrel or two, rabbits, fish and frogs, the strawberries, tomatoes, blackberries, blueberries, squash and cucumbers. But not this June 2011.

This past week-end, my husband and I attended my 2nd 50 year high school reunion this year, this one at Arlington High School, Arlington, TX. where I at one time played in the Arlington Colt Band which marched over 150 on the field during football season and in parades. When I graduated from AHS, it was the ONE and ONLY high school in town - we were the Arlington Colts and our colors were green and white. The population was still under 50,000 and Hwy 80 ran through the middle of the town. (NO I-20 then). We lived on the west side of town and there was still some empty green space in between west Arlington and Ft Worth. Today there are SIX public high schools and just under 400,000 in population and it's all one big megalopolis now. I can't even recognize any part of UTA where I spent my first year in college (then called Arlington State College - part of the A&M system) before leaving for Centenary College. Oh, did I mention when our family first moved to Arlington in the 1940's, the population was around 4,000 if you count the chickens, horses and livestock?

Welcome back to Colt Country
Susan and Harold Rogers at the Arlington Country Club, June 11, 2011

By the way, folks, I forgot my camera this week-end. What? You can't believe it? Yes, indeed, Chris Reed, unbelievable things can happen in this heat! Luckily, my sister with whom we stayed, has a nice camera and she graciously allowed me to borrow hers. Same photo card, so I was able to document my reunion after all. Had a great time. People I had not seen in 55 years. Looking forward to the next one. My high school here in town Fair Park already has chosen a date in 2016 for our 55th reunion!

Again - so long to summer band. Maybe I won't miss it after all!