Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Horns, homeless horns - Houghton Horns, LLC - July 2011

Another visit to Keller, Texas to visit Houghton Horns. 105 degrees and counting. More about Dennis, Katie, Mark, Vurl, Chris and the horn elves coming, if I don't melt away.

Vurl Bland
software fun

Bought a really great mute from Dennis on my trip - a TrumCor

For my Lawson which I am currently playing most of the time this summer it covers all the ranges from pedal notes to the high "highs" and the focus is wonderful. Works like a charm on the Gershwin show I am playing right now. Haven't tried it yet in my Rauch. Bought my Dennis Wick mouthpiece from Houghton Horns earlier this summer and have used it successfully on both horns.

 - - - a few more photos on the way - - -

update 8-2-2011 - Been back and forth to Dallas/FW in recent weeks for family matters and was playing a musical here which just finished this past Sunday. Lot of driving on I-20 and way too much on I-635, 35E, 35W, 820, I-30 and Central Expressway. UGH!!!!! (A nightmare). And not much time to edit photos. Just returned from Dal/FW again tonight. Playing catch-up . . . . . . and waiting for the heat to abate to something more normal. 108 in Dallas and FW yesterday and today. When you're trying to pack and repack a car with too many things (7 or 8 trips with several 50 lb. boxes and bags) from a 3rd floor apartment and the parking lot is toasting at 120 two days in a row, it's time to fry some eggs and bacon and get inside.


Anonymous said...


You make it look like we really WORK over here in TX! Now... for a cold one and a break!

- Dennis

sjwr said...

Gosh, sorry about that. Have one for us as well! Still hot here - too hot with yet another week forecast the same. Were in FW/DAL again this past week-end.