Thursday, October 18, 2012

Monroe and Ft. Worth on my list of "to dos" for the week-end - Houghton Horns, here I come

Tomorrow I shall be heading east to Monroe (listening to KDAQ by the way) for work with James Boldin and then on Saturday it's 4 hours to Ft. Worth to Houghton Horns for some work on my Rauch Horn and to try out the Dieter Otto Horns that are for sale there. Not a pleasant trip to NE Ft Worth/Keller these days. Never know the road conditions between Dallas and Ft Worth until you get there. Think I would rather travel by covered wagon. Only one road and you know which way it goes, to your destination.

Houghton yard art

I am taking both my Rauch and my Lawson with me on Saturday. Time to make some decisions about my equipment.

after the work out  and Franck d minor at ULM today

In the early 80's when my husband and I were visiting one of his brothers in L.A. we drove north to Burbank one day and Mr. Atkinson of Atkinson Horn Shop led us on a tour of his facilities. Fascinating workshop. In the end I bought a Dieter Otto Horn from him and played it for several years until I sold it to a local student and colleague.

Dr. James Boldin
 Since my sister lives nearby I will be staying with her for a couple of days and I know we'll be enjoying the local eateries and going to Sprouts again. Oh, joy, SPROUTS.

Photos from Houghton Horns when I return

Can I play too? I have perfect pitch.
My Rauch never sounded better!!
Just lovely, guys

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