Sunday, August 12, 2012

ULM driving time from Shreveport? Depends on the RV's, trucks, day of the week and your choice of music

For me, driving to Monroe to work with ULM's James Boldin once a week has not been that much of a hassle. Now, driving west toward Dallas from Shreveport for the same distance is sometimes a wall to wall nightmare, especially since I-20 West speed limit is now 75 MPH. Yes, that's what I said, for those of you who haven't ventured into East Texas in the past few months. So, now instead of driving 80, motorists, truckers and RVers  are now driving 85. Now that's scary!

So, my trip this week wasn't monotonous, but I decided to listen to the radio. Turned it onto Public Radio, KDAQ, and there I was listening to the "Beatles". I looked again. Did I plug in the wrong station? Where was my Tchaikovsky and Brahms, Chopin and Mozart? It was Regional Orchestra time!! No, It's right where I always have it, my number 1 on the Hit Parade! It wasn't the wrong station. What then? Had to wait for for some commentary, and lo and behold, I was listening to a South Arkansas Symphony concert from last season, 'The Beatles, Magical Mystery Tour". OOOh! "Hey Jude', I was in my younger days singing along, a time when my boys were growing up and everyone was protesting something. Made me feel younger just thinking about those times. Since I have a birthday arriving on Wednesday this week, I tearted myself to an early BD present.
Telemann, anyone?
Holton Descant
Gunther Schuller studies last Friday (plus others, of course) and long tones and duets. I've owned the Schuller studies for many years, but their faint calling to me has been missing over the years and so I am reacquainting myself now with the vigor and vitality they deserve. Did I say that?

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