Friday, March 12, 2010

Baroque Artists of Shreveport at St Marks coming Sunday March 14 3:00 PM

fourth Concert of the 30th Season

Ensemble Personnel

Soprano - Gale Odom
Violin - Pasha Sabouri, Angela Russell, Daniel Santelices, Samara Humbert
Viola - Adrienne Gabriel
'Cello - Ruth Drummond
Double bass - Christopher Allen
Flute - Sally Horak
Oboe - Theresa Zale Bridges
Harpsichord - Donald Smith, Julius Abrahams

Photographer - Susan W. Rogers

Usually I don't work on more than one series at a time in my blog, but this week-end there are two excellent programs scheduled - for those who love opera, La Boheme on Saturday night and for those who love Baroque music, BAS on Sunday afternoon at St Marks. Or both if you're like me. One I must play - the other I get to see and hear.

From January's BAS concert at Centenary College Hurley School of Music, some photos to get you in the mood for that glorious sound.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Louisiana Music Educators Association Orchestra Festival District VIII Large Ensemble

The LMEA District VIII Orchestra Festival held March 3 and 4 at Huntington High School. Adjudicators, Dr. Doug Bakenhus, Mr. Ye Tao, Dr. Chris Thompson and Mr. Allen Swilley as per the program notes.

In this first installment I am posting some random photos from several participating schools and will add more by school as they are edited and resized. Haven't attended a school music festival in over 30 years, so this experience was a little like going back in time for me since my degree from Centenary College is in Music Education (BME) and I was certified to teach both band and orchestra.

I appologize ahead of time for not being able to get at least one shot of all these great young musicians, but the stage lighting was poor and, of course, with ajudication in progress I was limited in my movement in the audience.

director Elaine Webb and Caddo Middle Magnet Orchestra 3

director Beverly Houston and Southwood H.S. String Orchestra

director Ardis Case and C.E. Byrd H.S. String Orchestra

director Syll-Young Olson and Natchitoches Central H.S.

Elaine Webb Caddo Magnet H.S. Chamber Orchestra