Wednesday, April 4, 2012

FUMC Marshall with Orchestra and choir - Dubois "Seven Last Words of Christ" Wednesday 4-3-2012

FUMC Marshall with guest soloists, soprano Kathleen Thomas, tenor Barry Craft, baritone Eric Thomas and orchestra and choir directed by Music Minister Mark Crim presented The Dubois "Seven Last Words of Christ" in the sanctuary of the church April 4, 2012 @ 6:30 PM

The FUMC Marshall choir and orchestra, Mark Crim, Music Minister

- Congratulations to all - a lovely and inspiring program for the Easter Season -

organist Glenda Abraham

Music Minister Mark Crim

Janel Hector - harp and Claudia Sullivan - 'cello

violins Ye Teo, Lydia Davis and Concertmaster Chris Reed
Eliot Haas - 'cello

The Reverend Rodger Garbs                                                                         pianist Luanne Neely

violist Zack Grant
flutist Sally Horak and oboist Shane Wedel                                         Peter Haas - bass

violist Sherry Paetznick

Eric Thomas, baritone and Barry Craft, tenor
soprano, Kathleen Den Bleyker - Thomas

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