Sunday, September 9, 2012

ULM and Dr. James Boldin - work studies - 9-7-2012

Today is my brother's BD. Happy Birthday, Frank, and many happy returns. Celebrating by sending you a card and gift and doing work study with my colleague, James Boldin at ULM in Monroe. Sharing my drive to Monroe today with my grandson Michael who will be visiting a friend who is a freshman at ULM this year. After listening to the beginning of the Friday 12 noon regional orchestra program (SSMF's classical concert of the summer), we turned off the radio and chatted about cars - BMW's, Ferraries, Bentleys, RR's, Lamborghinies, Maseraties and, of course, Mustangs. Oh, and the Shelby Cobra.

James Boldin and his Holton F/ Bflat descant horn.

James and I read through the Brandenburg today along with more duets and other studies that have become a familiar routine with us every Friday. An enjoyable hour of playing, a learning experience and worth every mile of the 200 mile round trip drive. 

Someone in recent weeks queried me, "How do you practice intonation"? "What," I said? You see, I rather have a problem with that question, so my answer to this person (twice, I might add) was, I believe, appropriate - "You either hear it or you don't". Such a simple statement, yet so true. All the exercises in the world won't cure the problem if you can't hear that there is a problem. Or you can hear the inconsistency of pitch and/or the harmony but can't decide what to do with it. Is it sharp? Is it flat? And to whom? Is someone else sharp or flat and to whom? To you? To someone in your section? In the orchestra or ensemble? Now in that case I was speaking of professional musicians. With younger students, a different approach is certainly in order. I used a particular method many years ago when I still taught private lessons.

More later!

Michael Rogers

SJWR - leaving Monroe for home to watch tennis

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