Sunday, April 22, 2012

The combined choirs of Cypress Baptist and First Baptist Churches of Bossier City present "Hymns Revived" with the Shreveport Symphony Orchestra

Hymns Revived, a selection of old time gospel hymns arranged and/or written and orchestrated by composer Philip T. Wade, Music Director at Cypress Baptist Church, was presented Sunday evening April 22, 2012 at Cypress Baptist Church by The Shreveport Symphony Orchestra and the combined choirs and soloists of Cypress Baptist Church and First Baptist Church of Bossier City.

Having been born into a musical family I cut my teeth listening to old time gospel music, symphonic music on the radio (there was no TV then) and the latest in the Your Hit Parade favorites with The Andrews Sisters, The McGuire Sisters, The Ames Brothers. I have fond and loving memories of the many churches in which I sang both here and in the Dallas/Ft Worth area with my two sisters (and occasionally my brother as he grew older) as the Whipple Sisters with my mom at the piano as we belted out songs like Give Me That Old Time Religion and Amazing Grace in churches or revival tents filled with folks who clapped and sang along with us.

I congratulate all those involved in this presentation today with my special thanks to Mr. Philip Wade for his inspired orchestrations. 

Cypress Baptist Church Music Minister Philip Wade

electric bassist - Steve Singletary

Beginning rehearsal

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