Friday, February 5, 2010

CMHS Orchestra Concerto Concert February 4 2010

Caddo Parish Magnet High School presents the CMHS Chamber Orchestra Concerto Concert Feb 4, 2010 6:30 PM.

An annual event for several years, the concerto soloists are members of the CMHS Orchestra and their ages range from freshman to senior year. The wind, brass, bass and percussion sections are augmented by local professional musicians many of whom also teach.

Soloists on this concert are in alphabetical order: violinist Susan Beresko, violinist Michael Dai, violinist Danny Felty, violinist Emily Felty, violinist Waverly Hock, violinist John Keene, violinist Will Knight, violinist Hammond Lake, violinist Evanne LeBlanc, violinist Nicole Lim, violinist Christina Powell, violist Marcus Rose, violinist Daniel Wheeler and violinist Rachel Young.

Teachers for these soloists and others in the orchestra are Adrienne Gabriel, Angela Russell, Sumara Humbert, Borys Smolaga, Pasha Sabouri, Janis Adams Teague, Christopher Reed. Elaine Webb is the current Orchestra Director succeeding Johnette LeBlanc who recently retired.
A trip to Carnegie Hall is in the planning stages for 2011 and fund raising will become one of the priorities for the orchestra and its supporters.

Elaine Webb and the CMHS orchestra

rehearsals begin

The concert


Johnette LeBlanc issues paychecks before the reception
mmmmm, pretty good eats
I personnaly would like to congratulate Elaine Webb and the members of the CMHS orchestra for a job well done. See you again next year.

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