Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Longview Symphony Orchestra Youth and Masterworks Concerts Feb. 2010

Longview Symphony Orchesta presents both Youth and Masterworks Concerts this week, the annual educational concert for area schools to be held Thursday morning and the Masterwork concert featuring Romantic Music from the Movies on Saturday evening 7:30 PM, both at Belcher Auditorium LeTourneau College. Music Director Tonu Kalam conducting.

The Masterworks concert with themes from Romeo and Juliette, Age of Innocence, On Golden Pond, Somewhere in Time, Dr. Zhivago, Casablanca, Titanic, The philadelphia Story.

Music Director Tonu Kalam conducting the Youth Concert Orchestra 2-11-2010 to a full house

"Play it again, Sam" (uh, Judy)

Flutist Art Williams

Violinists Renee and Ann

violinist Jean Avery
violist Eleanor Boyd


Dick and Mike

Bassoonists Janele and Sara
Instrument demonstrations
Percussionists Doug and Scott
Theresa and the Oboe
Sally and the Flute
Tim and the Clarinet
Tom and the Horn
Dick Watson and the Trumpet
The Bass Trombone
Chan and the Timpani demonstration
Concertmaster Isidor Saslav 
Borys Smolaga and the viola
Pete Haas introducing the Double Bass
A guest conductor
Another guest conductor
Leaving LeTourneau after the concert

Yes, folks, it's REAL! Susan, Judy, Craig and Art.

Youth concerts rehearsal
3rd and 4th Horn
  trumpet section

The trombone section
From the Youth concert rehearsal

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