Friday, May 23, 2014

Happy Summer Time to all you ArkLaTexans out there and have fun at the summer festivals you have planned to attend 2014

For those of you who may have noted there have been NO NEW posts on this Musicians Blog for several weeks, it's a matter of slow attrition by VIRUS death caused by my 12 year old XP Windows OS computer system which no longer is supported in Windows OS. And everything I hate about Windows 8 and 8.1 has stopped me from buying a new one so far. Not into laptops.

But, hey, thanks to some comments by new friends and colleagues I am going to stick with Windows OS and so have just ordered a new Windows 7 home premium with Photoshop software and Word and EXCEL Business office. Hurrah!!!!. Soon as I have all existing info transferred to the new Windows 7 unit, I am ready to ROCK and ROLL to promote next season's music events

I will be playing some of these concerts, as many as I can, staying in shape with hours 

of practicing every week. New Printer/scanner, tons of memory and ports, new audio  
 video system and speakers. Photos, photos and more photos. All should be ready for take off by May 30 when my new system arrives and we test it.

44th wedding anniversary 7-7-07

where my husband and his expanding family lived for several years after WW II until the late 1950's before immigrating to the the US through N.O. and on to Bossier City eventually establishing H.D.Rogers and Sons, Import and Classic Auto Specialists

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