Saturday, August 31, 2013

Houghton Horns. Keller, TX August 2013 - one of my favorite places - just returned

back home with a new Rauch G lead  pipe for my Rauch Horn
installation by Houghton Horns

Played some quartets with friends this morning. Beginning to settle in with this newer, larger pipe. Practicing tonight as well between plays - the LSU/TCU game. I love the upper end of the pipe. So easy to play with a much, rounder, clearer sound in the higher register.. Thought I would have to work harder.

Dennis and my Rauch in good company in the Houghton Shop
the other pipe

Dennis blow torching the pipe melting the solid pitch into a pot after bending it into the appropriate Rauch curve
Dennis measuring the two pipes for the best fit

THE PIPE -  A Rauch G awaiting its new life

two previous photos taken at Houghton 

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