Saturday, January 12, 2013

ULM calls to me again. Time for work study with James Boldin 1-2013

More later. Must get back to the Green Bay/49'er game then practice. I think my husband I just watched the Super Bowl game a little early this year - Baltimore and Denver. What a fabulous game! Came down to double ovt. and Baltimore won it 38-35. That game could not be beaten for excitement and true tenacious grit!
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Along my route to Monroe this trip I noticed how the recent rains have re-energized the ponds and creeks on the acres and acres of rolling  land on either side of I-20 East giving them a refreshed feeling. A beautiful, sunny mid - 70's afternoon felt so good for a change, hawks circling in the upper winds above, not too much traffic on the road. Longview Symphony playing on KDAQ radio.

Low Horn studies are not fun, but a necessary evil for those of us who long to sing melodic lines in the upper register. Ah, the melody line which is the core of music for me with all its variant harmonies is what I grew up hearing in my home - symphonies, operas, ballets - but on the radio and on my parents' old 78 recordings played on a phonograph, not on TV.

Imagine my surprise when suddenly at the age of 6 I discovered there were other melodic lines mixed in with this one line - the harmonies - and I could hear them and sing along and make up my own melodies as did my sisters and brother later. My parents, musicians themselves, were elated and many an evening was spent standing around my mom at the old upright piano belting out popular tunes, gospel, Christmas carols and church music in the days before the advent of rock 'n roll and Elvis Presley.

Don't get me wrong, I got to sing the bottom part once in a while and sometimes the lead or the upper part, but playing low horn is a little different. I hear it, but the lips have to hear it as well. And therein is what I have to teach my lips, how to play what I sing.

to be continued . . . . . .

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