Tuesday, June 26, 2012

James Boldin and his refreshing techniques for Horn study - summer 2012

Some solo work, some etudes and flexibility exercises, listening to famous Horn solo orchestral passages from his shelves of recordings and ending with duos and harmony all around us. Today was my third time to work with Hornist James Boldin who teaches at ULM in Monroe.

Last week I tried and took home one of James' mouthpieces, a Hauser. My very own should arrive later this week. It feels really great and I am impressed - stainless steel cup and rim with the rim coated in a special finish, smooth to the lips and easy on the eye. The performance is outstanding - excellent tone quality, note centering, a fine edge to the sound and easy flexibility, equal facility in all ranges and a tonality of warm sound that runs from loud to soft with the ease of an opera singer's breath. My Rauch loves it and this week I will determine if my Lawson medium - large feels the same way. Our schedules will interfere with immediate follow-ups, but that will work in my favor giving me time to reflect on many things including the future. We will be working together again soon and I promise to keep all of you updated.

More comments to come plus a few photos.

James in his ULM office

real LP's

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