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CMHS - Caddo Magnet High School Chamber Orchestra Concerto Concerts Jan. 27, 2011

Since 1996 CMHS Orchestra has provided an opportunity for its members to experience what it's like to play solo with a full orchestra. Using their own string section and professional wind, brass and percussion players from the area including SSO members, each participating student chooses a movement from a well known concerto to play before a live audience - an afternoon performance for the students and an evening performance for the public. I have been lucky enough to have played most of these concerts and have enjoyed watching the progress of many students over several years.

Started in 1996 by then Music Director Johnette Parker (now Johnette LeBlanc), the current Director of Orchestras, Elaine Webb has been carrying on the tradition. This year's soloists were:

Evanne LeBlanc, violin student of Angela Russell
Meghann Shacklette, viola student of of Samara Humbert-Hughs
Rachael Trafford, violin student of Charlene Trafford
Eliot Haas, 'cello student of Kristina Vaska-Haas

Nicole Kim, viola student of Adrienne Gabriel
John Keene, violin student of Angela Russell
Daniel Felty, violin student of Dan Santelices
Daniel Wheeler, violin student of Daniel Santelices

Below are my photo images of the orchestra and the soloists, most of which were taken from behind the scenes on the pieces I did not play.

Caddo Magnet High School Director of Orchestras, Elaine Webb

Elaine Webb with CMHS viola soloist Nicole Kim,
student of SSO violist Adrienne Gabriel

CMHS Violist Kyle Davis and 'cellist Melanie Gray

CMHS violist Tierra King

CMHS orchestra Concertmaster, Daniel Wheeler, student of SSO violinist
Dan Santelices

CMHS violist Sarah Dai

CMHS Principal 'Cellist Jacob Wheeler

CMHS violin soloist Rachael Trafford, teacher Charlene Trafford

Concerto Chamber Orchestra Horn Section L-R
4th Horn, Joe LeBlanc, 3rd Horn, SSO's Susan W. Rogers, 2nd horn, Kelsi Cox and SSO Principal Horn, Tom Hundemer
photo by SSO 2nd Clarinetist Sandra Clark - editing by sjwr

CMHS Chamber Orchestra rehearsing with CMHS violin soloist John Keene

CMHS 'cellist Eliot Haas

CMHS lower strings

clarinetist Tim Wright - CMHS violists Joshua Ursua and Principal, Marcus Rose

CMHS violinist Christina Powell

CMHS solo violinist John Keene rehearsing
student of SSO violinist Angela Russell

CMHS 'cellist David Newton - in background 'cellist Armand Collins and Prin Bass Aaron Wheeler

top row - SSO 2nd clarinetist Sandra Clark - CMHS violist Hammond Lake and CMHS flutist Natalie Lockart

afternoon performance for the students at CMHS

student and teacher - Kelsi Cox and SSO Principal Horn Thomas Hundemer

CMHS Band Director Joe LeBlanc on horn
and SSO percussionist Doug Parmelee

CMHS bassist Aaron Wheeler

CMHS Principal Bass Maya Hudson

CMHS violinist Mollye Shacklette

CMHS violinist Clarissa Bruns
student of violinist Gary Bruns

CMHS violinist Evanne LeBlanc
also a concerto soloist
and student of Angela Russell

CMHS concerto soloist 'cellist Eliot Haas,
student of Kristina Vaska-Haas

Magnet students playing in the concerto chamber orchestra
L-R Kelsi Cox, Claire Letson, Sam Hall

performance night

oboist Bethany Eustes Tilbury

CMHS violist Tiffany Lilley with the cap

CMHS violist Cary Armand
Chamber orchestra brass section - trumpet CMHS student Claire Letson and SSO 3rd trumpet Mike Scarlato - trombone Steven Edwards and CMHS student Samuel Hall

Teacher and student - CMHS flutist Natalie Lockart with SSO Principal Flutist Sally Horak - behind are bassoonists Daniel Phillips and Jordan Winkins

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