Thursday, April 15, 2010

And all that jazz with Chris, Matt and Galen

I went downtown recently to the riverfront, specifically the Barnwell, to take a look around with bassist Chris Allen, pianist Matt Harris and drummer Galen Smith, members of the Symphonic Jazz Summit who say they are the best in cool jazz. We were looking for a very kool place to take photos for a cool group. Dorothy Rivette kept us all moving along the yellow brick road.

Outside the Barnwell it was beautiful but sunny and inside the atrium it was shady but humidly HOT. So while the guys posed endlessly and graciously, I shot photos until I think my hands were numb. Bridges, palm fronds, crepe myrtle, red maples, azaleas, domes, ponds, the Red River, sculptures, fountains, fish, staircases, photo galleries and of course the cool guys looking for just the right location that with a little tweeking here and there would produce just the right coolness for a cool jazz trio photo.

Symphonic Jazz Summit
The Best in Cooool Jazz

call Chris at 318.617.4151 for bookings

photos by sjwr

drummer Galen Smith - bassist Chris Allen, pianist Matt Harris

Galen, Matt, Chris

Come hear us at the Barnwell in June

photo by Dorothy Rivette, edited by sjwr

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