Friday, January 24, 2014

East Texas Symphonic Band Concert Monday Feb 10, 2014 at the Belcher Center, LeTourneau University

 rehearsing 2011 - me and my vintage Rauch

I have been asked by Director James Snowden to sub in the East Texas Symphonic Band performance in a couple of weeks on Monday February 10 with a couple of rehearsals prior. The schedule fits right  around some additional concerts and ensembles I will be playing in during January and February, so I accepted. Have been curious about which part I had been tapped to play and the music arrived today. Nice material including themes from the movie "Silverado" (one of my favorites), music from the opera "Rienze", "Lord of the Rings", "Elisabeth", some marches. Now that's only part of a handful of goodies. The thing about band music is that you don't get as much "time off" (measures rest) from playing as you do with orchestral works. Thank goodness we're not playing any Elgar.
Soooo, I am playing 1st Horn along with two others and keen to work on the music which I read through this evening. The ensemble is made up of professional and non-professional players, the young and the older (that part applies to me) from the Ark La Tex area.

This will be an ongoing blog post for at least 2 weeks and I'll have lots of photos for you and some comments.

Tomorrow morning I head to East Texas to rehearse for the World Hunger Concert mentioned in my previous post.

ETSB PERF 7:30 PM Monday Feb 10,2014 @ LeTourneau University

Photos from ETSB rehearsals at Pine Tree Jr. High School in Longview and performance at Belcher Hall on the LeTourneau University campus

an update
My thanks to Dr. Snowden for thinking of me and all of the members of the East Texas Symphonic Band for your warm hospitality. Congratulations on a great concert and hope to see you again.

Moi with the ETSB Horn Section and with my camera. Our thanks to the band member who took the original horn section photo which I edited for this space.

in Belcher Hall

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