Sunday, August 16, 2009

A re-visit to Houghton Horns to pick up my Horn with a new leadpipe.

Welcome to Houghton Horns - Brrrrrp

Woof! I just love conical bore instruments.

Well, folks, my Rauch has a new leadpipe thanks to my colleague Dennis Houghton and the elves, Vurl Bland (hope I spelled this correctly), Tuba and Chris Reddick, Horn. Welding torches, cabinets with drawers full of little "parts", things hanging from the walls, posters of our favorite musicians, busy but tidy. All sorts of big pieces and little pieces just waiting for the caregivers to fit them all neatly back together again. Need a cut bell or a valve job? A clean horn, a used horn? Major work for dent repair? Advice regarding your horn sound and projection? Try Houghton Horns, LLC, Keller, TX where the Horn and horn players reign, where the West begins and where your forgotten Horn can find a new home somewhere and be happy. Given my husband's background in auto mechanics, he would "love" this place.

Outside and inside, you can tell this place belongs to a special musician, a horn player who loves his work. The Knopf I mentioned below isn't in my future, but I am sure it will find a good home somewhere. I myself have 2 horns for which Dennis is hoping to find a new home, a Reynolds and a Kruspe. A horn lesson was in progress during my visit given by Susan Houghton.

Posted above and below are photo memories of my sojourn to the Horn shop of Dennis Houghton.

Homeless Horns for sale

Dennis Houghton and sjwr

A visit to the Horn shop of Dennis Houghton coming. (See above). Trying out a Knopf Horn this week.

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